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Family Business Advisor

What kind of issues and questions do I deal with?

  • What are the real expectations of family members
  • How should I plan the succession of the next generation?
  • How can I best prepare the next generation as responsible and effective future owners, family members and business leaders?
  • How should we share power and authority when we own and direct the business we inherit from the previous generation?
  • What should our family members’ employment policy be as the family grows?
  • According to what criteria?
  • How shall we share and manage the returns and wealth?
  • Who, and according to what criteria should be in decision making organs of the family and business?
  • Do we need a FAMILY CONSTITUTION? If yes, what type is best suited to our needs? What should be our guiding principles?
  • Our “Shareholders Agreement” should include what policies?
  • How should we approach in-laws for the benefit of our business and our family?
  • How can we optimize “communication” within our family and with our business?
  • What beyond formal school education and training do the family members need to own and manage our assets and values in the best way? How can we obtain it?
  • How can we best approach the career planning of the next generation to develop a strong sense of ownership and responsibility?
  • How can we best manage the potential and real conflicts among us fairly?
  • How can we bring just solutions to shareholders who want to leave?
  • …and many other similar issues…