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What we do

Boston Family Business Academy

Boston Family Business Academy (BFBA) has a single mission: To help family enterprises around the world to succeed and be sustainable.

The Academy offers practical (not theoretical) programs to learn about best family business and board governance practices and apply these to their business.

The founder and director Haluk Alacaklioglu, PhD, is a graduate of the Harvard Business School (MBA) and PhD from A.U.L, London.

The Academy is branded under the auspices of Family Business Governance, LLP, a UK registered advisory firm.

The Academy employs case methodology, using cases based on real life situations around the world. This methodology is proven for its superiority by leading business schools.

The Director, Dr. Alacaklioglu is verified in teaching status by the Harvard Business School.

BFBA’s faculty members are experts in their fields and, they are first and foremost practitioners in their area with many years of hands-on experience.


Let’s face it! In our fast paced, changing world, business owners do not have the time nor patience to sit on long, theoretical, academic family business programs. They want most value in the shortest time and in actionable next steps.

That’s why we have designed focused 3-Day programs for your family business on the most important aspects to run your family business successfully.

These programs are intensive and inter-active. You do not come just to listen and watch. You participate in the cases, discuss, and test your ideas with peers and advisors, build your own action plans.

Each program is focused on a different yet integral aspect of successfully running a family business enterprise.