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Board Advisor

Dr. Haluk Alacaklioglu; Board Advisor and Member Credentials:

Harvard Business School MBA Honors (1983) and AUL, London PHD in Governance (2007)

Management and board advisory work since 1989 in Europe, the Middle East and the US with both public and private companies.

Member of the Steering Committee for the revision of the OECD Code of Corporate Governance, Paris.

Family business and board governance consulting with hundreds of companies globally.

Seminars in corporate and board governance at the Harvard Business School.

Founding President and advisory board member of the Corporate Governance Association (COGAT)

Founding President of Board Members Association (BDA)

Giving seminars and workshops in the US; Canada, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Jordan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, India , Qatar, Belgium and Turkey.

Some selected case and work examples:

Advising board for better governance practices for a Dutch- American private group.

Work with a private family group to move stepwise from a “no- governance” situation to an “independent, strategic board governance, shareholders council and family council” system with checks and balances.

Work with a leading multi-billion industrial group with both private and public businesses around the world to establish better governance processes and applications

Search and recruitment of many “independent” board members around the world for corporations (previous work for 14 years as a Managing Partner of a worldwide leading consulting firm )

Advising a private group in the process of acquiring private equity to establish good and transparent board and governance practices on the way to become a publicly listed company in the future.

Establishing from independent boards for privately held family groups.