Family Advisor Haluk Alacaklıoğlu

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Board Advisor

Independent Board Membership

As an Independent Member of the Board of Directors in companies since 2000, I have been making the following contributions based on my own experiences and competencies (see “About Dr. Alacaklioglu”):

I. Supporting the Board with alternative views, opinions, recommendations, and methods on the main strategic topics (beyond daily and operational issues).

II. Control and Performance: Contributing to the performance evaluation of the company and its executives; to examine the implementation and results according to the budget targets. Supervising compliance with corporate policies and rules.

III. Top Organizational and Management Resources: Helping actively with the selection of top managers. Establishment and operation of compensation and performance systems. (10 + years of top executive selection, appraisal and evaluation experience, worldwide)

IV. Succession Planning: Making the necessary succession planning, training and implementation for both the Chief Executive Officer (CEO; GM…) and the Board of Directors. In this context, to help with the career planning of next generation family members and to provide necessary guidance to the HR.

V. Strategy and investments: Starting with the vision of the shareholders, setting the specific performance goals, planning, making investment and growth decisions, making new product, sector, geographical expansion decisions. Creating the long-term strategy